Owen Lehman R.I.P.

Phyllis lost her dad about two weeks ago. Owen Lehman lived to be 103, still in the farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania where Phyllis grew up. His son and wife lived in the other side of the farmhouse, which gave him enough support to remain in his home. Lucky man. In addition to farming, Owen Lehman was a longtime school bus driver. At his funeral, hundreds of his former student riders, some now in their 70’s, showed up to pay their respects to Mr. Lehman. Most people who live to be truly old are lucky to have a cluster of family members show up to mourn. Mr. Lehman had family, but he also had his community, hundreds strong. That included members of his Mennonite church. Again, lucky man.

I have a great pic of Phyllis and her Dad, which I will hopefully post later tonight when we get to Savannah and I can upload it from my phone.

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