Travel Day: On to South Carolina and Georgia

Early Saturday morning — way too early, as the flights to the east coast leave at an ungodly hour — I’m headed to South Carolina. Friends Phyllis and Art, and a high school friend Connie who is joining us for the weekend, are picking me up at the Wilmington N.C. airport. After dinner there along the dynamic and revitalized river front, we’ll return to Phyllis and Art’s home near Myrtle Beach. On Sunday Phyllis is hosting a book event for me, and then on Monday she and I head out for Savannah while Connie returns to her home in Jacksonville.

We’ll see Flannery O’Connor’s childhood home — the place where she taught her pet chicken to walk backwards — and tour other interesting parts of Savannah. On Wednesday morning we’ll drive to Milledgeville, to Andalusia Farm where O’Connor lived from the time of her lupus diagnosis until her death. We have two days there, and then we’ll return home.

Archie thinks I’m going on way too many trips, which cuts into his after school time with me. Nice to be wanted, isn’t it? 🙂

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