Here Come the Robots

Trump generates so much outgoing sound and fury with his tweets that it’s hard to take a step back and focus on the lost opportunities in this administration. Climate change science is certainly one. So is a focus on robotics, and cushioning the potential job losses that are sure to accrue.

I watched Sunday morning CNN, where Jake Tapper interviewed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, one of the really old men with dated world views who surround Trump. Trump and Ross and Carl Icahn made a lot of money through vulture investing and in Trump’ s case, by selling overhyped and over priced products to people gullible enough to buy them. But do they have a sophisticated understanding of where the world of work is going, including the impact of robotics? Nope. Jeff Immelt of GE does; he was interviewed later on Fareed Zakaria GPS. Immelt is making big investments in turning GE into a digital industrial company. Trump is talking about bringing back coal jobs. Icahn is busy pushing through regulatory relief that will make energy companies he owns hundreds of millions of dollars. Ross just mutters unintelligibly. Even Steve Mnuchin, who is younger than the others, doesn’t see the threat of robotics; he thinks any impact is 50-100 years away.

Try reading this and let me know if you agree:


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