Panama 2017: Alia Alexa Samaniego

Gloria’s new grandbaby has arrived: Alia Alexa Samaniego. Her parents are Gabriel, Gloria’s son, and Fani — big brother is Gabrielito. All seems good; mother and baby are doing well. Fani will have a lot of help with the baby during this first month; there is a strong culture of support for new mothers from the women in their lives — mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters. Everyone assumes the new mother needs care herself as she recovers from childbirth and cares for her baby. I really like the tradition.

6 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Alia Alexa Samaniego

  1. for Jeannie: I know they’ll be anxious until her first checkup, which is when Gabrielito’s irregular heartbeat was discovered. So far, all seems normal.

  2. for Nedra: So happy for Fani and Gabriel that they decided to take the risk of having another child. Baby’s heart seems healthy so far.

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