New Car Envy

YaYa has taken possession of her new car: a very sleek and classy Audi sedan. I love it, and am green with envy. I was so dazzled by the car I forgot to take a pic, which I will do next I’m near it.

I used to get a new car every three years — economic sense or not — because I like driving a new car. I’ve felt that my Forrester will be my last car, because it doesn’t yet have 30,000 miles and I really drive very little. But the car is seven years old and counting. And YaYa’s new wheels are very tempting.

I still have the issue of car seats and muddy boots in the back of the Forrester, which gives me pause. I love being able to help out with kid pickup, and at the moment I like that more than I crave a new car.

And yet….

2 thoughts on “New Car Envy

  1. Various people have been after me to replace my 2002 Saab — which I still love — for something with less than 210,000 miles and that doesn’t have progressive rust problems and has all the safety bells and whistles. Gotta say — the Audi’s have made the possibilities list. But I’m such a Yankee — my Saab is comfortable, roomy, peppy and fun to drive. So…..

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