Grover Norquist and the Meals on Wheels Lady

I don’t usually watch CNN other than on Sunday mornings, but as I’ve been battling flu this past week I had the cable channel on a lot. Early in the week they did a piece on an elderly woman in New York, a shut-in who hasn’t been outside her apartment in seven years. She subsists on a small monthly Social Security check. She receives two meals a day, seven days a week, from Meals on Wheels, and that is her only source of food and moment of companionship from one week to the next.

Later in the week self-proclaimed anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist was on a panel, he smugly defending Trump’s anticipated massive tax cuts for the rich and corresponding trillion dollar budget cuts to everything else. Norquist doesn’t care one whit about possible Russian interference in our election. He cares only about Gorsuch and tax cuts and Trump rolling back internet privacy protections, all of which he thinks are great. I wondered what he’d say abut the Meals on Wheels lady.

I suppose he’d say that she should be taken care of by family — she apparently doesn’t have any — or churches or private charities, and that it’s an unforgivable socialist impulse to take money from the rich to provide her daily reheat-ready cartons of food.

Whatever comes from cutting Meals on Wheels to return tax savings to people like Norquist and the First Grifters  now in the White House and the Mercers and the Koch brothers will be chump change. I can imagine the Meals on Wheels Lady dying in her small, cluttered apartment and no one knowing for days.  I can imagine her having nothing at all to eat. What I can’t imagine is the sheer personal cruelty of people like Grover Norquist.

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