I have, for the past couple of days, been shaking my head at the unbridled hubris and self-dealing of all the Trumps, that hubris seeming to be part of their DNA. They are convinced we want them all to find a way to be on the national stage, offering policy advice on matters about which they know nothing while they are busy building the family fortune as blatantly as possible.

Ivanka is going to be in the West Wing. She’s going to have a security clearance, and a government-issued phone. We are supposed to be comforted that Trump listens to her. Her clothing and jewelry brands, all on their own, will continue to thrive — but heaven forbid, not because anyone is currying favor. Ditto for the new hotels Donald Jr. and Eric are opening, about which Daddy Trump will get quarterly updates.

Honestly, this is like the First Family of Grifters from the old traveling carnival days.

Some are urging that we give Ivanka a chance, and I find myself asking “a chance at what?” She’s completely unprepared to offer policy advice at a senior level, as is her husband for that matter. And while Trump is relying on them, he’s cutting out voices in the State Department and elsewhere in government that actually know something.

Eventually the grifters run aground, hoisted on the petard of their own greed. Don’t they?

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