Turning the Corner on the Flu

I came down with the flu late Friday — very suddenly, really, as I’d worked out and gone grocery shopping in the morning and felt pretty normal. By the time I picked Archie up I was feeling shaky, and I took him home instead of bringing him to my place. I didn’t feel hungry for dinner, went to bed early, and by the time I awoke on Saturday had a full-blown case of the flu. Except for fever, which is uncommon for me, I had every other symptom on the list provided online when I Googled “flu symptoms and treatment”.

Happily, I didn’t infect Archie.

Just as the online resources say, the worst symptoms passed in about four days, and by Wednesday morning I could feel that I’ve turned the corner. I’m still a bit lightheaded when I get up in the morning — which may be a side effect of Tamiflu — but otherwise my muscle aches and chills are gone, my cough is subsiding, the fatigue is less, and my appetite is slowly returning.

Mid-next week I’m headed to Queens to stay with friends and be part of their family Tartan Day Parade celebration, plus a book event. I’m now more confident that I’ll be good to go. After that, I’m flying directly to San Diego to join Matt and family at their spring break week in La Jolla. I’ll miss YaYa and Ben, who are coming for the first weekend. But I’ll have the rest of the week, and hope to connect with a college friend and her husband who live in the area and whom I haven’t seen in years.

Living life to the fullest really does assume robust health, and I’m glad to be recovering mine.

2 thoughts on “Turning the Corner on the Flu

  1. OMG coal! When I was little, in the middle of the last century, there were shill homes with coal furnaces. We used to watch the coal slide down the chutes into the basements.

    Having been in China many times, beginning in 2004,I saw the devastating results of continued use of coal in factories: the black sky in a city that never saw the sun. Indeed, China recognized that worrying about the environment was a good business decision and now they lead the world in futuristic energy sources. It amazes me daily that Trumpans his administration are so ignorant of basics and continue to make absurd and potentially lethal sections that impact all Americans. How did someone who alleges to be successful in business do it without basic knowledge? The answer is he left devastation in his wake. Now he’s doing it again.

  2. for Katie: Even more amazing to me are the numbers of people still drawn in by his silliness and self-serving behavior. Honestly, this Trump family seems like a clan of grifters from time gone by. And it’s all based on so little of substance.

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