Losing Someone Who Blogs

I not only blog every day; I also follow other writers’ blogs. I get used to their rhythms: whether they post daily, or a few times a week, or only occasionally. Blogging, and the chance to comment on what someone writes, is our only way of connecting.

One of the bloggers I’ve followed for some time, someone who wrote almost daily, hasn’t posted anything since October 2016. Periodically I check in, wondering if my “follow” on her site has been arbitrarily deleted by WordPress — which happens sometimes — and she’s writing but I just don’t know it. Nothing.

The feeling is a bit eerie, as if something may have befallen her. It’s a bit as if she and I were talking via cell, and the call went dead, and I never heard from her again. Surely if she’s intentionally chosen to end her blog, she would have posted that to let her regular readers know — which is what I’d do.

We lose touch with people over the course of our lifetimes, so perhaps this is nothing different. It just feels that way — to be writing steadily, and then not, and no way on a reader’s end to find out what happened.

4 thoughts on “Losing Someone Who Blogs

  1. The other blogger who have fallen off the grid is concerning. In life when communication suddenly ends it can be associated with some personal or medical crisis. Have you googled her?

  2. for Katie: I did Google her, and found nothing current — no obit either, so at least she’s not dead. She and her husband live in Panama, and I know she had a bout with dengue fever. They chose to stay, even though getting dengue a second time can be even more dangerous — there are four strains, and you become resistant to whatever strain you had, but the odds increase of getting hemorrhagic dengue, the fatal one. That’s what really concerns me — that she’s down with dengue again and struggling to recover.

  3. I think I know who you are referring to because I’ve read her blogs sometime ago https://indacampo.wordpress.com/ which I also find very interesting. She’s a Canadian expat living in Panama and gave a detailed guide to moving to Panama. In one your earlier posts, she and her husband visited you during your annual visits to Panama, yes? Don’t you have her email address or phone number so you can skype her? I hope she is alive and well.

    Ron C.
    Bayside, Queens, NY

  4. for Ron: Yes, she’s the one. I don’t have a phone number, and there’s no response from her email. I think I’ll just have to wait and see if she starts writing again.

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