Full Disclosure

If candidate Trump had been honest with voters, he might have told us up front that anyone who voted for him was actually voting for a triumvirate: Trump the front man who’d spend a lot of time playing golf; Jared, who’d get all the hard jobs — all of them, never mind those in government with content expertise; and Ivanka, who’d sit in with foreign leaders and smooth over the rough edges of her father’s raging ignorance.

The Washington Post has a piece about Angela Merkel’s recent visit, during which Trump’s preparation for their meetings was likened by her aides to that of a fourth-grader. In addition to being poorly briefed, Trump rudely interrupted the Chancellor, ignored topics like the EU in which he as no interest, and acted in a generally boorish manner. He surely isn’t the first empty suit that Chancellor Merkel has come across, but aren’t we ashamed as Americans? I am. Apparently those close to the Chancellor found Ivanka better prepared and more intelligent on the topics under discussion, which might be of some value if she’d been elected to anything, was accountable to anyone other than her father, and actually had some legitimate role in government.

You notice I said “triumvirate”, which leaves out any role for the sphinx-like Melania, even in the role that pro forma belongs to her, that of First Lady. The media is, in my view, turning contortions trying to find in Melania a new way of being First Lady. I think it’s a lost cause. Does anyone actually feel that we have a First Family in the White House?

On at least a third of the days he’s been in the White House, Trump has visited one of his own properties, either to play golf or to eat steak with ketchup. He apparently watches tons of cable news, CNN as well as Fox. He talks on the phone to old friends who reach him through his longtime personal assistant at Trump Tower, a woman named Rhona. How much of his time is spent reading briefing papers, or mastering the details of policy, or learning about foreign leaders? Apparently none.

2 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. It is a national disgrace. No one from the GOP seems to have a plan to help him. Perhaps. Exauae Trump thinks he knows everything. There is no first family. Even the Kardashians, reality TV stars that don’t appear to have a lot of substance, have more expertise on international and media relations.

  2. for Katie: I think he is very resistant to help — assumes his instincts are always right. At the end of this nightmare, I think people like Ryan and McConnell and Pence, who’ve chosen to provide Trump with a veneer of plausibility as a national leader, are going to look really bad. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court will be tilted hard right for decades, which is the most lasting damage.

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