Meandering Through the Flu

Hoped to wake up Monday morning feeling as if I’d decisively turned the corner, and that would be an overstatement. I’m up and dressed — in comfy pants — and yes, I made my bed. But spending most of my time on the couch or in a recliner. I did go downstairs for the mail for the first time since Saturday. So far no worrisome complications, but this thing sure isn’t moving along very fast.

2 thoughts on “Meandering Through the Flu

  1. Hello Pam, I sure hope you are feeling better…had the flu this winter….no fun!! Enjoyed your comments on health care bill ( far too important to let go) . Trump doesn’t get that governing is far more than winning or losing. Also enioyed exercise comments, I love to work out but am learning as I age it is more and more Important…and adjustment s are real. Love your blog, pushes me to think about the simple and the complex things in life…always good. Sincerely, Sheila D

  2. for Sheila: I am healing slowly, more slowly than I’d like. I seem to have a tolerance of about 3 days for being sick, then I expect my body to get back in gear. Glad you’re still reading and enjoying the blog. Are you still fly fishing? One of the more graceful skills in sports, I think, the ability to cast a line.

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