Health Care Vote

Republicans have been railing against the Affordable Care Act since it was voted into being. They’ve refused to cooperate with fixing the bill, and have put out streams of misinformation about what the bill does and doesn’t do. Republicans control three branches of the federal government, and unless a miracle occurs, will soon dominate the Supreme Court as well. I’m frankly flabbergasted that they can’t pass a repeal and replace bill on health care, at least as of the writing of this post.

Trump is taking a big hit to his supposed dealmaking prowess, which delights me no end. If Paul Ryan can’t deliver this vote, I think he much diminished in his role as Speaker. And the Republicans in Congress simply look inept.

If it does pass, tens of millions of people will lose health care and Trump will claim a big win. For the Republican Congress, David Axelrod on CNN called it a choice between “death by fire” and “death by hanging”. The impact of the bill will fall hardest on Trump territory and on Trump voters, and it’s hard to think that won’t have an impact in 2018.

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