Reconstructing the Family Biz

Now we have Ivanka Trump in the West Wing, with her own office and security clearance and government-issued phone. With no Congressional approval or vetting, she now will advise her father on any and all matters on which he seeks her opinion.

This is how Trump ran his business, and depending on whether or not you view that as a success — like making 40M+ by fleecing the mostly working class people who signed up for the worthless Trump University — your thoughts about his reconstructing this governance model for the White House may or may not be positive.

Ivanka is a Trump through and through, so she’s great at branding and marketing glittery stuff. I’m not sure what else she knows. What worries me is part that her advice will prevail whether or not she knows anything about the topic at hand, but in larger part that Trump clearly plans to continue ignoring advisors in places like the State Department who actually have deep experience in current global crises.

Tom Friedman has a good opinion piece in the New York Times urging “the adults” in the Trump administration — Mattis, Tillerson, Pompeo, Kelly, McMaster — to sit down privately with Trump and tell him he has to apologize publicly to President Obama for the lie about wiretapping Trump Tower, and that Trump has to reveal his tax returns to clear up any hint of shady dealings with the Russians. If not, says Friedman, these honorable men will be tarred with the same brush of willful deceit that emanates from Trump in matters large and small.

You know Ivanka and Jared aren’t going to be part of that “few honorable men” group. They may be useful to Trump, but they aren’t going to be of any use to the American people or the struggle we’re going to have to hold on to basic American values.

2 thoughts on “Reconstructing the Family Biz

  1. Regarding knowledge: It is clear that content knowledge is not part of the Trump methodology. In the academic world, we’d call it “Content Validity”. There is none. This means that any advice or plan coming out of this model is invalid and will not achieve the desired outcome. Having his family nearby probably gives Trump reassurance that he has supporters for this failed model. This isn’t about Ivanka but about the fatally flawed model of the Trump presidency.

    Re: Apology I sincerely doubt that will ever happen. I don’t recall Trump ever apologizing. Last night a young right wing Trump supporter was on CNN trying to say that there is a plausible connection between the wiretapping allegation and the fact the an investigation into Russian influence serendipitously ran into the connection between Trump and the Russian government’s influence. This is gross misrepresentation or as it’s now called ” alternative facts” which used to be called lies.

    There is faulty thinking in the White House. I don’t know if the few advisers who are wise men have the guts to stand up to the lies. It’s a national tragedy unfolding before us on our new reality,unfortunately not a show, but our new reality!

  2. for Katie: Agree totally. And with the power of the presidency in place regardless of who occupies the office, I’m really concerned about how much damage can be done. It’s one thing to have Trump buffoon his way through New York real estate, and quite another for him to act with the power of POTUS in his hands.

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