Booming Stats

Sustaining a blog since 2009 — I’m in my 9th year of writing — is hard. Most readers of blogs come and go among their favorites, not sticking with any one site for too long. The blog form has given way to shorter, even faster forms, like the infamous tweet — which means a smaller pool of people that we’re all trying to attract. Some blog writers, I suppose, grow tired of it and their posts become flat and stale.

I still love writing, and have a faithful core of readers who show up every day. Beyond that, I fill out my daily stats with perfect strangers who come and go — finding specific topics of interest through search engines, and staying around to read more, or not.

But I have another kind of reader, and I’m giving you a shout-out today. [J. and Mary, among others …] These are what I call “binge readers”. You don’t come every day, but when you show up, you read through all the back posts that you’ve missed since your last visit. Some of you even comment prolifically on all those earlier stories.

What happens for me is that I get pinged by WordPress with a congratulatory “YOUR STATS ARE BOOMING!” I know exactly what’s happening, but I get a huge boost nonetheless and feel like the most successful blog writer in town.

Thanks to all my loyal readers, and today — a special shout-out for the binge readers. You literally make my day.

6 thoughts on “Booming Stats

  1. so cool I can make that happen. I will continue with my binge reading and commenting. Does it actually show who it is? Wow. None the less! Great teamwork by us! Hehe

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