The Health Care Debate

I have to say I’m puzzled by Republican commentary on the repeal and replacement of the ACA. Paul Ryan says people will be able to buy only the health care they want and can afford, which in many cases will be “none”. The idea of how much health care anyone wants isn’t all that hard to figure out: when we’re sick or injured, we want the health care that will make us better. That may have little to do with what we can afford. I find it equally offensive when Republican legislators begin parsing benefits, such as asking why men have to pay for plans that cover pre-natal care and childbirth. The flippant answer is that woman pay for plans that cover Viagra and prostate surgery. But the simple answer is that we all pay for benefits, some of which we’ll need and some we won’t. But just as you can’t insure your left front tire but not the others, you can’t insure pieces of a health care plan — because you don’t know what you or a family member will someday need. The only certainty is that we all need health care at varying points in our lives, and much of that care is expensive. A catastrophic illness or injury can bankrupt a family, and that’s what insurance is supposed to mitigate or prevent.

The debate goes on.

2 thoughts on “The Health Care Debate

  1. Do you have the feeling that the bottom line to all of this is that Republicans don’t want to give Obama credit for anything? If this had been a GOP or even a strongly bipartisan plan, they would have made needed course corrections and gone on from there. Instead, they (and Trump especially)need to trash everything positive that came out of Obama’s tenure. Health care is only one issue.

  2. for Phyllis: I do. Remember that President Obama called it “Obama derangement syndrome”. Anything he thought or did is by definition bad for many Republicans. Quite racist, I think.

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