SNL has a devastating takedown of Ivanka Trump entitled “Complicit” — and they manage a hard shot at Jared Kushner too. Is it fair? Heretofore, the offspring of presidents have been mostly exempt from hostile press.


I think it’s fair. The entire Trump entourage is consciously and intentionally milking the presidency for all it’s worth, with the express intent of enhancing the family fortune. I think it makes them all fair game, with the possible exception of the ten year old who lives in New York in the gilded tower with his mother. The kid isn’t seeing much of his father these days — when Trump leaves the White House on the weekends, it’s to play golf, not to visit with his son. I say the kid is off limits until he’s 18, at which point I fully expect him to slide right into to the family mode of monetizing his name and connections. Wouldn’t you love to ask any member of Trump next gen if they’ve ever heard of something called “public service”?

2 thoughts on ““Complicit”

  1. Agree – the adult children are fair game, especially with their blatant mixing of politics and business. From some photos, it looks like Melania – and probably the young son – are in Florida for many weekends. The money taxpayers are spending to “protect” all of them is outrageous, including the adult sons when they do business trips.

  2. for Phyllis: Thanks for the clarification on Melania and the boy going to Florida — I don’t read articles on her whereabouts, so was making assumptions. We are spending a fortune on protecting Trumps, which I’m sure is going to continue for all four years. I thought the SNL piece was brutal, but spot on.

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