Walking in the Rain

Seattle has a lot of rainy days in the winter, and if I decided not to go out much when it was raining, I wouldn’t go out much. During the week I exercise in the workout room downstairs or at the YMCA, but on the weekends I like to vary the routine by taking a brisk one hour walk — a little over four miles. With that and whatever else I do during the day, I usually hit my 10,000 steps. I have a good rain jacket, and rain pants, and it wasn’t very cold on Saturday, just wet. I set out for my hour along Puget Sound, taking in the shades of gray from the sky to the water. There were a lot of very wet birds. No surprise, there were other walkers, and runners, and bikers — although not as many as I see on a nice day.

If I’d waited until later in the day I could have walked in this, but it wasn’t the forecast and who knew the weather would turn.

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