Out of the Cloud

In 2008 I went to Dubai with a group of students representing SUNY Geneseo’s Klainer Center for Women and Business. We were all attending a conference sponsored by Zayed University on Women and Global Leadership; the students were presenting. I took a lot of photos, and to my great distress something went awry when I was uploading them and all the pics were lost.

Or so I thought. Google regularly pokes around in the Cloud and presents me with a series of photos under “Remember this Day?” Well, here were my Dubai photos, or at least some of them. They’re probably all in the Cloud, if I can figure out how to retrieve them. Miracle of modern technology.

The Burj al Arab is spectacular. You can’t just go in and look around; you have to be booked for something to get inside the half mile perimeter around the building. Given that rooms around around $2000 a night, we contented ourselves with lunch reservations. We were greeted on the front steps of the open air lobby by a dark-skinned Arab man in a sparkling white dishdashi, offering us a plate of fresh dates and a silver tray with cool towels — remember it’s hot there. Everything just got better from there.

The two things protruding out from the sides of the hotel building are the heliport and the restaurant where we had lunch. The view was dramatic, as was the fixed price lunch: $200 plus tip. The experience was worth every penny.

Skyline at sunset.

Lobby of Burj al Arab.

Burj al Arab Hotel.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Cloud

  1. for J: It’s quite a place. Far, though. Traditional women all swathed in black in that heat — I’d faint.

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