Do You Make Your Bed?

My mother was a pretty chaotic person, and after my father died and she returned to work, our constantly changing series of living spaces grew increasingly messy. We couldn’t afford a house cleaner, and anyway people like that clean — they don’t generally pick up. My mother would return from work around six in the evening, drop her things wherever, change into her nightgown, and set herself up in bed with the TV news on, the papers around her, and her supper on her lap. Wendy and I usually ate our TV dinners in the sunroom, watching our other set.

I came out of that experience insisting on a fanatically clean car, an orderly home, and a made bed. I was thinking about that this morning, as I made my bed immediately upon getting out of it. Even though I live in a very open loft-style apartment — my bedroom has only three walls and is the first thing you see when you come through the door from the hallway — not many people see my bed. My friends and I typically go out rather than come to each other’s homes. I could leave my bed unmade for a week and no one would probably know.

Clearly a made bed signifies something important for me, even after all these years, whether or not anyone else is around to judge or comment.

Do you make your bed? Why or why not? No judgment — I’m just curious to know.


10 thoughts on “Do You Make Your Bed?

  1. Yes our bed gets made daily but we tend to pull the covers and sheets back for an hour or so before making it.

  2. Yes, I make my bed soon after getting up, smoothing out every wrinkle. I have NO idea why. I am not particularly tidy in the rest of my bedroom or house.

  3. Our bed is made and I’m fairly sure two of our three children also make their beds for the “day”. A habit perhaps ingrained from my childhood but I continue to see it as a virtual fresh start every day. Sounds corny or poetic but straightening the bed in the morning closes the night for me, starts my day neatly and when I want to drop into bed exhausted or just to read, it waits neatly for me to climb in and all the covers and pillows are right where they should be! I’m not a cleaning crazy person but I am a “things need to be picked up, organized, put back before you get more out” type so a neat bed is therapeutic and necessary I guess. Sounds a bit Freudian or something doesn’t it???

  4. for Phyllis: I promise not to peek into your bedroom when I visit, so don’t feel you have to make it for me!

  5. for Joyce: I’ve seen that letting the mattress and sheets air out for a bit when you get up is a good idea.

  6. for Frances: I’ve had several conversations about this today, and they have been whimsically amusing. After all, it makes no difference either way — many of us were taught to make our beds as kids, but it doesn’t mean the habit continued. If it did, most of us don’t know why.

  7. for Dawn: Well, I think it’s closer to my position — a chaotic rumple of sheets and pillows and blankets evokes the disorder of my early life, and I don’t like it. Conversely, I feel — in the way you seem to — that an orderly bed is part of a larger theme, an orderly life.

  8. Yup. I like to feel finished in the room for when I come in for night. Plus there is a big fuzzy creature that loves to cuddle in it with all the pillows when I’m gone.

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