Women’s Day: Do We Show Up?

Friend and regular reader Sharon Napier is the author of this CNBC piece, and she sent it along to ask what I thought about it.


I get the impulse to want to stand out for a day, to illustrate in the most graphic way all that is happening when women stand in. Years ago, I was a consultant to clinical nursing at a major hospital. The nurses, angry and fed up with their treatment by some doctors and by the powers-that-be who decided their paychecks, talked about staying home for a day, forcing hospital operations to come to a halt. They would always qualify their anger with “but” — but staying home would harm their patients, and in the end their professional ethics wouldn’t allow that, even to make an important point.

Our financial planning firm employed primarily women — we used to laughingly refer to Jerry as our “token male”, even though he generated 60% of the revenue. If we’d stayed home for a day, the firm would have closed. I can’t imagine our clients thinking more highly of women’s work if we were arbitrarily unavailable to them for a day.

I’m with Sharon, and the points she makes in this article. I think we carve out our place, stand in, do our job, and chip away at antiquated ideas and behaviors. I look to Hillary Clinton in this regard. No matter what you think of her — and she is one of the more polarizing figures on our national stage — can you imagine her saying she wouldn’t show up to debate Trump because of all the vitriol he and his supporters were sending her way via their fake news barrage? She’s always showed up, and she continues to show up now, even after the devastating November 2016 election. She’s a role model for me, and I suspect history will recognize her as that when the country has finally moved beyond the dark anger of all things Trump.

I’m interested in your thoughts, and I suspect Sharon will be too.

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