Conscious Aging: Making Time

In early April I’m headed to New York to participate in the Tartan Day parade with Clan Leask at the invitation of my friend Katie — already have my Clan Leask tartan wool scarf ordered online, arrived from Scotland and ready to go. I’ll be in the city a day or two early, to catch some things I don’t want to miss: the Howard Greenberg Gallery is having an exhibit of work by Weegee, a noted photographer and photojournalist who died in 1968. Weegee’s real name was Arthur Fellig. His black and white photos of New York street life often focused on crime, and especially on documenting grisly murders. His tabloid focus is a little different from what called out to my two favorite photographers, Diane Arbus and Mary Ellen Mark, but I’d rather like to have a Weegee in my collection.

A former Rochester friend whom I haven’t seen in years lives on the east coast, and she’s coming up from her home farther south to spend a quick 24 hours with me, staying at the same hotel and including an overnight.

This is what I call “giving a friendship a good watering”, and it’s what friendship looks like as we age and spread out from our former home base. We have to create opportunities like this, almost always involving travel, to hang out, catch up, explore our lives now, and make plans for a next time.

It’s harder and takes more work than in college, when friends were right down the hall, and harder than our working years, when friends moved in and out and back in view from day to day.

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