Tour de Sara and Ben

Sara and Ben belong to a group of people all around the world who love to fly and are good at finding best deals and destinations. That means no matter the country, there’s usually someone to meet up with for dinner or drinks at a great spot known mostly to locals.

As we embark on Tour de Sara and Ben, think of any recent six day period in your life. How far did you go from home?

Here, in pictures, is what that meant for Sara and Ben. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Tour de Sara and Ben

  1. Such rich experiences that group of friends must share. My last 6 days have not been nearly as exciting especially when you consider we spent two and one half days simply driving home from Florida!

  2. Ron and I are in the Las Vegas airport to go home to New York. We spent a week away from home. I was in four states: Utah parentheses for a nursing conference), Arizona, California, and Nevada. It was a beautiful time of the year to visit this part of the country. We stayed with Ron’s brother who lives in Vegas. My brother from Ca flew in for the week. Our son and his wife are here too as are my two sister-in-law’s. So I time in Vegas was fun – a party !

  3. for Joyce: They are quite the intrepid bunch. I agree — much more eventful than driving home from Florida. Welcome home!

  4. for Katie: Sara’s list of countries visited is pretty close to 100, which was her goal — a century, as frequent travelers call it.

  5. for Katie: Sounds great — family visit, a bit of work, and that wonderful southwest winter climate. Much better than New York.

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