First Stop: Doha, Qatar

Sara and Ben left the U.S. on Qatar Air headed for Singapore; their first stop was in Doha.

Thinking you know where Qatar is, sort of? It’s a small nation in the Persian Gulf that shares borders with Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. Flight time between Seattle and Doha, likely with one stop, is somewhere around 20 hours. Remember that for Sara and Ben, the flight itself is part of the trip, not just the way to get to the trip. They left on Wednesday and returned late Monday night, and count both travel days as part of the six day journey.

In Doha, they met up with friend Sven for drinks. Surprised at how clear-eyed  YaYa and Ben look, even after the long flight? Me too. They travel in at least biz class, with full-flat beds, but still ….

Sven designs world class airports, most of which are located in the Middle East, and he is based in Doha.


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