Conscious Aging: Fitness

I work out religiously almost every day, skipping only on those rare occasions when my calendar gets away from me and I don’t have time, or when I have a cold or other physical burden on my somewhat dodgy immune system. I know that I’m only slowing down the effects of aging, but I like being nimble and energetic and mobile — and I connect those things directly with diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep.

When I work out at the YMCA, I go mid-morning when there are a lot people my age, and the silent comparison I can’t help making trends in my favor. When I work out downstairs, in our building’s workout room, I am older than most of the others by 40-50 years. They have trim bodies, absent any sags, that I can never hope to reclaim.

It’s a wistful part of aging, the way our bodies change.

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