LOL at Trump

I’ve gotten beyond the anger stage with Trump and now am simply LOL — although I know the impact of four years of this deeply inadequate man will be devastating. Latest on the hit list of silliest pronouncements is this one: “Nobody knew health care was so complex”.

For starters, the people who did know would include anyone who has filed a health care claim with an insurer, anyone who works in the health care industry, anyone in Congress who tried to pass the ACA or who tried to repeal it, anyone without health care who has tried to get it — in short, a lot of people. I get that Trump, who has always lived in a cosseted bubble, doesn’t get it. But is there no one in his trusted group of advisors who could have told him before he ran off his mouth claiming in the early weeks of his presidency that a health care solution would be simple and rapidly forthcoming?

Politico has a really good article about what we’re seeing in the Oval Office: a performance artist playing at being capable of managing the huge and complex organization that is the U.S. government. We now know that being a performance artist is enough to get elected  as POTUS — still shocking to me. But what we are also seeing is that being a performance artist doesn’t include the chops to run the government. Trump is a great performer, but he turns out not to be very smart overall. He claims he isn’t filling all these vacant jobs in the top tier of government agencies because he doesn’t think he needs those people — he thinks he, Bannon, Miller, and Kushner can run the world. God help us.

P.S. My nominee for second real howler for the week is Betsy DeVos saying that historically black colleges and universities are an early example of “school choice”. Most Americans know that black colleges and universities were formed to educate students banned by segregated white institutions. When you can’t go to the places that exist, there’s not much that’s voluntary about having to set up your own.

No, I didn’t watch the speech to Congress. I literally can’t stand listening to the man.

2 thoughts on “LOL at Trump

  1. And she certainly does not know the research on hunger and learning capacity – per her comment on subsidized school lunches.

  2. for Phyllis: Does anyone know what this woman does know about education that qualified her for the post? She’s truly an outlier on ed issues.

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