Panama 2017: Death of Grandma Bustavino

Lily’s paternal grandmother, Lilia Bustavino — for whom Lily is named — died on Sunday. She was 91, which certainly indicates both strong genes and a feisty spirit — no one in the village had much by way of medical care until very recent years. She was a familiar figure sitting on her porch in a rocking chair, just down the road from Rufina and Reynaldo’s home, where Lily grew up. I never knew that grandmother very well, although I’d wave when I drove by. I believe Reynaldo was very close to his mother, and that her death will bring sadness to the family — although it greatly lightens the daily burden on Rufina. I told Lily that I was sure her grandmother is with Jesus and the Virgin, and it seemed like the right thing to say.

3 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Death of Grandma Bustavino

  1. My condolences to the Bustavino family – may you be comforted by pleasant memories of your mother/grandmother.

    Tia Phyllis

  2. for Katie and Phyllis: Will let Lily know that you are with them in this time of sadness, and she will pass that along to the rest of the family. Thank you.

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