Mack the State Wrestling Champion — Girls, That Is.

The Trump administration is wading into the transgender culture wars on the side of conservative Christians, which may or may not be such a good idea. The basic premise of conservative politics is that transgender persons have to conform with the gender identity on their birth certificate, not what they ultimately identify with or look like. Gavin Grimm is taking his request to use the boys’ bathroom in his high school all the way to the Supreme Court. His high school thinks they have a solution: Gavin gets to use a separate but equal single use bathroom somewhere on the school premises. Gavin says that makes him an outcast, and fails to protect his right to pee like any other young man — even though he was born female.

Here’s an even harder one: Mack Beggs was born Mackenzie seventeen years ago in Texas, and as an adolescent is in the process of transitioning to a male identity. Mack takes testosterone to improve muscle mass, which is an essential part of the medical treatment in such a transition. Mack also loves to wrestle — and the testosterone he takes makes him more muscular and stronger per pound of body weight than any girl in his bracket. The state of Texas makes Mack wrestle in the girls’ league, and he has just won the state championship. Parents whose daughters wrestle and are not allowed to take performance enhancers say it isn’t fair.

Conservatives make denial of LGBTQ rights one of the hills they want to die on, which makes no sense to me. LGBTQ persons are a small minority, most of them just want to live lives like everyone else. They’re not really a slippery slope in the culture wars, or a domino that is going to take down traditional conservative Christian culture.  They are not pedophiles, or wolves in sheep’s clothing looking for ways to attack females in the bathroom. They just want to go about their lives. Is it such a huge concession, just to let them do that?

4 thoughts on “Mack the State Wrestling Champion — Girls, That Is.

  1. If you haven’t seen it a really good documentary about LGBTQ done by National Geographic is “Gender Revolution a journey with Katie Couric” I believe it was a 2 hour show. I thought it was really well done and very informative. Gavin Gramm was interviewed and it had information about his story and fight for equality and bringing his case to the Supreme Court. Well worth watching.

  2. for Phyllis: I can’t see how it makes sense even to the most ardent conservative to have someone with testosterone-built musculature wrestle in the girls’ league. Good for Mack for continuing to wrestle even under such crazy rules.

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