Diane Lockhart Redux: I’m In!

I watched the first episode of The Good Fight last night, and I’m in for the paid subscription to CBS that will allow me to see the other episodes. I don’t know how wide the appeal is going to be for a series about a successful 60 year old female lawyer who loses everything in a Madoff-like investment scam and has to re-invent herself from scratch. Wisely, the fictional Diane Lockhart will have a younger sidekick: a new associate who has also lost her job in the wake of the scandal — that should broaden the age appeal. But I’m all in for Diane and whatever she does with her new life.

Life for me post-65, when I moved to Seattle, has been a series of re-inventions, with much more flux than I anticipated. People come and go, altering my newly-built friendship groups. Projects finish — like writing the memoir — and there isn’t automatically another one on the horizon, as was true in my younger years. I change — like discovering that it takes me longer to adjust to time zone shifts, which I have to take into account in planning the frequency of travel.

So I’m all in to see how Diane Lockhart starts over, this time as a new partner in a black law firm, her marriage hanging by the most tenuous of threads, her investment account shockingly empty, her friends and associates looking on her as toxic after having sent others to the billionaire fund manager she trusted and counted as a friend. Jerry’s death was that kind of life-altering shock; surely many of you have experienced others. A life-changing medical diagnosis would surely qualify, or a serious and prolonged illness or injury. Some of us patch things up and go on, others lose their way and fall into depression, alcohol, or self-imposed isolation. Nothing in life is guaranteed, at any point. As the old investment adage goes, “past success is not indicative of future performance”.

If you have XFinity on Demand or something like it you can probably still get that first episode free. Give The Good Fight a look — and support a dramatic series built around a 60 year old actress. There aren’t that many around.

2 thoughts on “Diane Lockhart Redux: I’m In!

  1. You know I saw that advertise and thought of you ! Glad you found something to catch your attention! That is so funny!

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