Subscription TV

I’ve never been a big TV watcher, although I became addicted to certain series. I paid for HBO just to get The Sopranos, and Showtime for Nurse Jackie and Getting On. I have the problem that I like random things: women’s professional basketball is mostly on NBA.TV, which is not a part of most standard cable packages. The Tour de France is on NBCSports, another outlier. I canceled my Neflix because I haven’t watched anything since the last season of House of Cards. I barely take good advantage of what I now have available through things like my AmazonPrime and Xfinity on Demand.

Now I have a dilemma. I loved The Good Wife on CBS, and the creators of that show now have a sequel starring Christine Baranski, The Good Fight. The first episode will be on CBS tonight; to get the rest, I’ll have to subscribe to CBS’ paid service for $5.99 a month or $9.99 without commercials. The Good Fight is getting strong reviews, and I love the idea of a series built around a 60 year old actress, Baranski. I think she’s a person with tremendous range — think Mama Mia! to Diane Lockhart on The Good Wife.  But another paid service, given how little I watch, seems silly.

I’ll watch tonight, and make a decision. Basically, I’m going to use Google Chrome to get things through apps that I can cast onto my TV, without going back to the expensive all-channel cable package that I was hardly using. I may or may not spring for The Good Fight, as it’s likely that’s the only program on the paid service I’d follow.

Your thoughts? Do you pay for TV subscriptions or all-channel TV packages? Why or why not? Are you a big fan of TV, and if not, what do you do in the evenings?

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