Perils of City Living

Around 11 a.m.  on Thursday morning I went down to the parking garage below my building to get my car, and found the rear window smashed in. I had an empty suitcase in the back seat and apparently that was enough to attract attention. Three cars were hit by a professional team — the building video camera caught them breaking in at 3:42am, although no one saw the tape until morning. They raised the heavy metal garage door with a jack just far enough for one of them to slide under, and she let the other one in. Nothing was taken from my car, not even the suitcase — apparently only potential contents were of interest.

The incident required a bit of scrambling, as I was slated to pick Archie up at four and his car seat as well as the entire back seat had shattered glass all over. Matt was able to take over and get him. Then I had to find someone to fix the window. The local Subaru dealer was clearly not interested — told me it would take 3 weeks to get a replacement window. With Matt’s help I found some online auto glass replacement services, and Bob from Wind-Tech came on Friday morning.

I had to walk over to the local police substation to file a report; reaching them by phone was nearly impossible. And you can’t file online for this type of crime. The management company filed an incident report with the police, and they have the tape of the perpetrators, but I felt it important to file a report too. I’m not going to file an insurance claim, as the amount is under my deductible and I had another claim last year, when someone rear-ended me. It doesn’t matter to insurance companies if the incident is the policy holder’s fault — they simply count the number of times they have to pay out. After years and years of premiums without ever making a claim I think it shouldn’t matter, but two claims within 12 months would matter, regardless. Insurance, like everything else, is a benefit that has to be managed.

I take this incident as a risk of city living. One of the other residents whose car was hit was so upset she wanted to break her lease. I found it a major inconvenience, and I’m angry at the two young people who did this — a cheap and easy way, apparently, to score some items to sell. I hope they get caught. But it’s a tic in an otherwise busy catch-up week, nothing more. Big clean-up, charge to my credit card, and move on.




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