Trump’s News Conference

Just listened to part of Trump’s news conference while working out, or as much of it as I could stand. He sounds like the crazy uncle in the attic, or like Sally Fields asking why everybody doesn’t really like him. Sean Spicer looked like he was going to choke.

The press did, I think, get one really good nugget: Trump said categorically — or as categorically as he can through all the bloviating — that he has no business dealings with Russia, no Russian money [a direct contradiction to what his son Donald Jr. claimed about Russian money “pouring in”], and that neither he nor anyone connected with him other than Flynn had any conversations with anyone from Russia. So if the investigations in to Russian meddling reveal that any of those things are true, Trump will have been caught in an outright lie.

Nixon didn’t go down because of the crimes committed during Watergate; he went down because he lied.

I live in hope.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s News Conference

  1. I listened to most of it and just browsed the transcript. His speech patterns shock me each time, with the repetition of adjectives and superlatives. He’s like a living orange highlighters.

    I’m hoping that after a few more like this that some members of the press are emboldened enough to call it for what it is, from “you still haven’t answered the question” to “That’s simply not true”.

  2. for Katie: How can he be holding 40% or so support? Are there that many American voters who like crazy people as leaders?

  3. for Mary: He really is hard to pin down. He just spirals off into another rant. Honestly, if I were a reporter I’d be tearing my hair out. Jake Tapper sounded uncharacteristically rattled when he was describing the news conference, calling Trump “unhinged”.

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