Listening to Trump

I don’t like to listen to Trump directly, although I read accounts of what he says. But I was listening to NPR while driving, and the press conference with Prime Minister Trudeau came on. The Prime Minister was giving a succinct and nuanced answer to a question posed by a reporter; the Prime Minister spoke first in English, then in French.

Trump spoke next. Accounts have reported him being “presidential”, which I guess means he wasn’t bloviating, wagging his finger, attacking the questioner or falling back on his standard platitudes about making America great again. But he sounded ignorant, shallow, and like someone grasping for words to fill up the time. He went back to his “fabulous Electoral College win” — apparently the fact that he lost the popular vote by a lot has finally sunk in. I’m not sure what relevance a reference to the election had to the question asked, but Trump doesn’t have enough substance to answer any real question, so he goes back to what he knows.

The biggest thing that came across — not new — is how much he needs to be liked. He kept saying that any renegotiation of NAFTA between the U.S. and Canada would be so great and everybody would love it, and by extension, him.

The man-baby angry white America chose hasn’t grown under the weight of the office, not at all.

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