Back to Seattle

I often say jokingly that if you can stay lucid and functioning for 24 hours, you can travel almost anywhere. My trip home was inadvertently almost that long, and I don’t recommend making it that way on purpose. We got up at 3:15 a.m. Panama time, which is EST, for a 4 a.m. pickup by David. My flight to Houston went off without a hitch, but I then had a long layover — which I’d agreed to — which was then extended by an aircraft maintenance issue. The plane needed a part … it was coming … coming … not coming … searching for new plane somewhere at IAH or en route. At that point I almost bailed and stayed the night in Houston, but then it looked like a plane was actually forthcoming so I stuck it out. There’s a three hour time difference to PST, and that with the two hour maintenance delay meant I got to bed at 11:30pm — which would have been 2:30am Panama time. As I said, pretty close to 24 hours, with snoozing on the plane flights but no real sleep. Thank god I wasn’t driving home from the airport — I caught a taxi. I’m glad I can still do it, even though I think it will take me a few days to recover fully from the trip.

Had a great night’s sleep, and was really glad to be home. I felt pretty good on Sunday — walked up to Sara’s to get my car, grocery shopped, did laundry and sorted the mail, and then went to see the grandkids. But my body and mind are more tired than I think. When I woke up this morning I plugged in the coffee maker and set it to brew, then went to take a shower. When I got back I hadn’t pushed the carafe far enough in, so instead of dripping into the pot the coffee went all over the counter. Good morning! I’ll get extra rest for the next couple of days.

Lots to sort out after the trip. Those more reflective posts begin today.

4 thoughts on “Back to Seattle

  1. I hope you have had your feet up today as much as possible, are resting, and have your massage soon with Nikki. That was quite a travel day, and even while on vacation, you are doing for others almost every hour.

  2. for Mary: I have had a quiet day, including a massage — still think it will take a couple of days to fully recoup.

  3. for Katie: Glad I can still do it, although I think feeling fully up to speed will take a couple of days. You must have had some long travel days when you were going to China, yes?

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