Panama 2017: Saying Good-bye to Gabrielito

I know you’ve all been waiting to see a pic of Gloria’s grandson Gabrielito. He’s been staying with his mother, Fani, at her mother’s house while Gabriel is in Colon on assignment. But Fani’s sister brought him to Gloria’s when we were coming to say good-bye.

Fani is doing OK, by the way. She’s reached the point where she can now stay home from work without pay until the baby comes. I wish I could say that meant being off her feet, but not likely. At least she won’t be on her feet all day, stocking shelves, and she’ll have her mother’s help and that of a sister. Gabriel found a moment to call from Colon and assure everyone that he is safe. He’s on a difficult and dangerous assignment, and the family asks for your prayers to bring him safely home.

Gabrielito is actually a very playful and active little boy — he’s Archie’s age, 5 — but he turns serious when the phone camera comes out despite Gloria’s entreaties that he smile.


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