Panama 2017: Last Ocean Swim

Our final ocean swim didn’t happen, because the current was entirely too strong. You can tell by going in up to your knees or so. If the receding current practically pulls you off your feet, you know that getting out is going to be really hard. The lifeguard was a dear and came down and said he thought it was OK to go in a little way, and if necessary he’d help us out. But we decided to pass. Looks more tranquil than that, doesn’t it? They have actual rip tides here, although today was just an usually strong undertow. We’ve been in every other day, so all good.

The tide was higher when we tried to go in. You can’t go in when it’s low like this because that’s when the manta reys are around.

Most Panamanians don’t go in the ocean, even upper class ones who come to the hotel as guests. They all think there are things in the ocean waiting to pull them under. And, most don’t swim. So if we don’t go in, hardly anyone else does.



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