Panama 2017: Darineth Warming Up

Darineth was little when I came last year. Now she’s a precocious two year old, bright and talkative and fun. She’s warming up to the strange white lady that her mother calls Tia Pamela. While Harlennys and I were talking about her finishing university, Darineth was bringing out shoes for me to try on. Finally she gave up and put Mommy’s shoes on herself.

Despite the seriousness of the conversation, could you keep yourself from responding to this face?



2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Darineth Warming Up

  1. for Katie: She’s a charming little girl, and much loved. We left her today sound asleep on the porch in a hammock on her grandfather’s chest. Mari’s marido Luis is a fine man, attentive and caring. This little girl will have lots of the right adult guidance.

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