Resisting Trump

We’re heading home on Saturday, and I suppose that’s why I’m checking back in on U.S. politics. I have some thoughts about resisting Trump, who I’ve come to think is seriously mentally ill as well as corrupt and relatively dumb and out of his league.

The Republicans in Congress are spineless, with the exceptions of Senators Collins and Murkowski. Ryan/McConnell et al have made their bargain with the devil. They like having near absolute power, and will give Trump his way on anything in order to keep it.  No guardians of our democracy here. The Washington Post has this to say about the Elizabeth Warren shut-down in the Senate:

Republicans pocketed a Supreme Court seat that was President Obama’s to fill and will now likely get their choice of justice installed in it. If Democrats filibuster that choice, or filibuster the next justice Trump picks, Republicans will likely nuke the Senate rules and blow past Democratic opposition. Republicans are totally abdicating any meaningful oversight role toward Trump, despite his unprecedented conflicts of interest and possible corruption, and they are unlikely to pursue independent probes into Russian meddling in our election, making it less substantially likely that the public will ever be fully informed about these things. Republicans have clearly signaled they will do everything they can to prevent other institutional watchdogs from exercising any oversight of their own. This will only get worse.”

I’m hopeful that we can rely to some extent on the courts, but all they can do is say whether or not something Trump does passes legal muster — not whether it’s fair or decent or right.

I’m sure we can rely on the press. I see progress in their figuring out how to call the Trump administration on their serial lies. Google “Jake Tapper + KellyAnne Conway” for more.

Beyond that, we have these tools:

Ridicule. Trump has very thin skin, and it doesn’t take much to set him off. Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer was enough. I think we keep up a constant barrage of ridicule, hoping to throw Trump off his game.

Diversion. Trump is apparently furious that Bannon got on the cover of Time, and is being spoken of as the shadow President. Again, great. Attacks on Trump’s ego are all to the good. Eventually, his personal attacks are going to strike the wrong person, and all hell will break loose. Who might that be? Not Coretta Scott King, for sure. But someone.

Implacable resistance. The Republicans did it, and look what it got them — control of the executive, legislative and soon-to-be the judiciary branches of government. Clean sweep. I say the Democrats pay back in kind. Eventually, the disfunction could become so great that a bi-partisan group in Congress says “we have to pull back in order to save the republic and begin to work together”. Trump simply can’t be appeased, even if Democrats lose battle after battle. Eventually, things will get so bad that even the  spineless Republicans — some of them — may stand up.


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