Monetizing Melania

I wasn’t sure how to take Melania Trump, who seemed to be a bit like Evita Peron: a women who rode her beauty to the highest office in the land. But no — Evita cared about political power. If she’d not been struck down by ovarian cancer at the relatively young age of 33, she’d have run to succeed the strongman Juan Peron as President of Argentina — and won, in that democracy in name only. And Evita cared about the poor, sort of. Or at least she convinced the poor that she did, and they loved her for it. The poor of Argentina still regard her as a saint — their saint.

As we read the claims of Melania’s lawsuit against the Daily Mail, all becomes clear. Being our First Lady is, for her, all about money and the millions that could come her way as a result of her role as FLOTUS.

Laura Bush, a librarian, took on promoting children’s reading as her First Lady project. Michelle Obama went to Africa and talked to girls about getting an education. Melania is looking to protect the monetary value of her public image.

This is our First Family? After the exemplary Obamas, I hardly  know what to say.


6 thoughts on “Monetizing Melania

  1. Can the Trumps — all of them — become any more viscerally disgusting and money-grubbing than they already are?

    If there is a way to do that, they will.

  2. for Ada: I used to think Melania was making some big compromises for staying with the Donald. But she isn’t. She’s just like him — as is the whole family.

  3. for Ada: I read this morning on Politico that he is frustrated and angry that he can’t run the country in the imperious and impetuous way he ran his business. He asks very simplistic questions, then when people answer him in a detailed manner his attention wanders and he deflects the answers to his son-in-law or Bannon. What a horror show.

  4. I’m loving the fact that the town meetings Republicans are now holding are being dominated by angry Republican voters who are demanding oversight and questioning of Trump – shock for Chafetz no doubt! There is hope

  5. for Ada: Me too. I hope the fury continues. Honestly, the Republicans have been whining about the ACA for years — without apparently giving a second thought to what they’d replace it with. And, Chafetz had it all planned, if Hillary had won, to make her life miserable. Now, he’s gone silent. No scrutiny of the Trump administration for him. It’s a revolting level of hypocrisy.

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