Panama 2017: Sex Talk

Gloria and her family have a very healthy relationship around sexual matters. As her three boys matured, Gloria made sure all three were well aware of the need to use protection when having sex — and in very explicit terms. When 14 year old Lynette came to live in young Luis’ bedroom, Gloria’s condition was that she be on birth control, and she sought and gained permission from Lynette’s parents to take her to get it. [Don’t ask why a 14 year old was moving in — long story. Young love. She and young Luis have been living his bedroom for 3 years.]

Gloria’s openness and candor is not typical in village life, and there is a really bad problem here of girls as young as 10 getting pregnant — even though birth control is now available with parental permission.

Yesterday and jumped into the pool to cool off, and Gloria was holding court with Luisito, Jeorgethe, Naty who is 12, and cousin Brenda whose age I don’t know. Gloria was telling them exactly how they needed to protect themselves when they became sexually active. I have no idea how they got into the conversation. But the kids were soaking up the information, which was all apparently new. The girls said the most typical bit of information, from fathers especially, was confined to the threat that if they were seen looking funny at boys, they’d get slapped upside the head. Very ineffective method of birth control, I’d say.

I’m sure the kids will not share the conversation at home, and I say “Go, Gloria.”

Brenda, Naty, Josue

Brenda, Naty, Josue

One thought on “Panama 2017: Sex Talk

  1. Good for Gloria. Sex ed and contraception ed, in particular, are the most effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Some right wing people, including the Catholic Church, discourage contraception saying it increases o extramarital sex. Research show teens are having sex anyway. Contraception makes it safer.

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