Panama 2017: Gloria’s Husband Luis

We stopped by Gloria’s house as well during our tour of the village. Gloria’s husband Luis works maintenance at the airport — which I think means clearing away brush and so forth rather than aircraft maintenance — and  they still have the launch, which allows him to go fishing part time. Here he is fixing a net.

That thin white plastic pipe at his feet is how they get cold running water from the pump nearby. Most of the houses now have running water, but not in the way we think of in the U.S. Water comes into the kitchen, and perhaps into the bathroom, through an above-ground pipe like this. No one has hot water — too expensive.


2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Gloria’s Husband Luis

  1. The luxury of running water is very real. Does the hose connect to the kitchen and bathroom? Are toilets flushed by scooping water out of a drum? I could probably adapt to no hot water, since it’s hot there, but no running water, probably not.

  2. for Katie: That is exactly how the toilets flush: by scooping water. The shower is the end of the hose that hangs over the wall of the bathroom. Water comes into the house, but it isn’t “running water” as we think of it, by turning on a faucet.

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