Panama 2017: Resourceful

Someone scraped the rear panel of my Rav 4 when it was parked at the Super 99. I bought all the insurances offered at the rental car place, so assume it would be covered. But when Minga’s son Humberto saw the scrapes, he told me that if I gave him $5 to buy a small tub of something, he’d take care of the problem. Seemed like a good idea to me.

Here is Humberto working on the car, and very successfully.

They all know how to fix cars, and lots of other things — often without fancy tools or expensive parts. One year the tailpipe lost a bracket and was dragging on the highway. Humberto walked along until he found a discarded hangar; he bent it into a new bracket and it worked.

Poor people learn to do a lot with a little. Their lives are a study in resourcefulness — and also thoughtfulness. He didn’t have to offer to fix my car. He did because in village culture, that’s what you do.


2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Resourceful

  1. for Katie: Yes, I’m sure Panama and the Philippines are alike in this. Much less waste, and much more ingenuity and problem-solving. I agree it’s a good thing.

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