Panama 2017: Milenys

Right now Gloria has two grandchildren: Gabrielito, who is five, and Milenys, who is four. A baby sister for Gabrielito is expected in March. Gloria is forty-five and the mother of three grown boys.

My friend Sally, who has been here with me every year since I started coming back, has four grandchildren, and I have two. Archie and Else are close in age to Gabrielito and Milenys, as are two of Sally’s. We talk about being older grandmothers. Gloria can expect to see her grandchildren married, and the arrival of great-grandchildren, and perhaps even great-great grandchildren. That possibility isn’t there for me and Sally, who started our families much later. The cycle of life is so much different here.

The red hair is natural; she’s had it since she was born.



4 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Milenys

  1. Milenys is beautiful. It is interesting how timing impacts on flgenerations. My mother had me at age 24. By the time she was 38 she has 9 children. I has my oldest when I was 24 making my mom a grandma at age 48. My children married later and had children even later. So my grandkids are little. My 3?year old Fiona Kathleen likes to play “doctor”. If she was to go to medical school I’ll be 89 when she graduates. Oh well, I’m enjoying them where they are rather than where they might be.

  2. for Katie: I like that, enjoying them as they are. Who knows what the future will bring for any of us. Is Fiona 3 already? I can’t wait to meet her.

  3. for J: Lots of American soldiers present in the history of the village, as there was a small base near here during the Peace Corps time. No idea where the red hair came from, but most Panamanians have dark hair and eyes. Enough said.

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