Leaking about Trump

I’m quite fascinated by the leaks from someone quite near Trump. The official line is that he’s having marvelous conversations with foreign leaders. According to the leaker, not so much. Trump is acting like the belligerent, ill-informed asshole we’ve come to expect. He’s hung up on the Australian leader, threatened to send U.S. troops to invade Mexico, ordered a botched commando raid in Yemen that cost an American life — read the full article before I’m tempted to go on. According to Bannon and Conway, all is going just as planned. Who, in that tight inner circle, is screaming ” Help!!!!!”? Too bad we can’t know, or that person would go the way of Sally Yates.

Most business leaders are inclined to give a new president a grace period. Trump’s is going to be shorter than most, because his vast incompetence is scaring people to death.



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