Panama 2017: Close Siblings

Harlennys and Luisito are Mari and Luis’ children — they share Mari as their mother. Harlennys has a different birth father, but Luis took her as his when she was 18 months old. They are a wonderful family. Mari is Minga’s daughter and the fifth of the five children Minga had with Roberto Delgado. Minga was pregnant with Mari when I left to return home after Peace Corps, so I got to know her 40+ years later when I came back.

Luisito has one year of high school left, and hopes to go to the free public University of Panama after. Harlennys has one course in accounting left for her B.A. at a private university; funds to send her were raised by one of my guests, the late Dr. Marilyn Aten, and a group of our friends. I am so sorry Marilyn isn’t here to see Harlennys graduate.

Harlennys is the mother of two year old Darineth; pics of them in the next post.

These are two absolutely great young people, and I am proud of them both.


2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Close Siblings

  1. Wow – Luisito has really grown up! Kudos to Harlennys for being almost finished with her degree and to Luisito for wanting to be next in line to go to college. And to Mari and Luis for supporting them in their goals. Do Harlennys and Darineth live at home?

  2. for Phyllis: Harlennys and Darineth live around the corner with her man friend and his grandmother, but H. and D. spend a lot of time at Mari’s during the day. Turns out Mari is more on target than Harlennys about the nature of this young man, who is publicly out with other women, but Harlennys is still in love. Sigh.

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