Trump the Narcissist

I have long felt that Trump is seriously mentally ill: his inability to exhibit empathy, the constant need for approval and adulation, his inherent and indifferent cruelty.

Typically mental health professionals don’t comment on the mental status of people they’ve never examined. But some shrinks are now breaking their silence because the situation with Trump is so dire. Good for them.

Trump is a seriously damaged person, and he’s attracted other seriously damaged people to his closest orbit: Bannon and Miller, and the deeply racist and retrograde Jeff Sessions. The Republican leadership is giving Trump a grace period, thinking his administration will find its sea legs and work better over time. The leadership is also terrified of Trump turning the base against them.

That isn’t going to hold, because the situation is so dire and will only get worse.

This article was forwarded to me by friend and regular reader Katie; thank you.

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