Panama 2017: A Different Place

With fewer guests this year I decided to try a new place, a three bedroom penthouse condo in a new section of the development where I stay. The experience is mixed: the pool here is warmer, the beach calmer, and the mattress on my bed is newer and much better. The villa has a lovely king sized bed in the master, but it’s 10 years old at least and is a bit like sleeping on rumpled bags of dead cats.

The downsides are that it’s a bit of a walk to the pool/beach, instead of rolling out the back door. And, after I park the car, it’s a short walk to the building followed by a series of hallways, an elevator, then another series of hallways. It’s not a problem for me or any of my guests, but it is for Minga. She’s moving much more slowly, and even when I drop her off a the front door, run to park the car, run back, and hold her arm for the walk, it’s far too effortful.

Here’s what the place looks like. The best feature is a lovely roof top terrace, with water views on three sides.





6 thoughts on “Panama 2017: A Different Place

  1. A rumpled bed of dead cats? Funny. Well I hope Minga can take the walking and climbing stairs..she can stay and rest at the top- in the air.

  2. for Ben: Yes. We’ve had some breakfasts up there,but it gets pretty hot and sunny quite early. By evening the sun is less intense.

  3. for J: A lot of times people who buy furniture for rental places don’t go for top of line mattresses anyway, and then they forget that 10 years out the mattress has grown pretty lumpy.

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