Panama 2017: Wishing Ita Happy Birthday

We had a cake for Ita at Saturday morning breakfast; her family in Rio Hato gave her a full-on party that went well into the wee hours, with the theme of a casino. We were too tired to go back into the village for the night event, but I got to have my picture taken with Ita on Sunday morning.

The name you see, Mirtila, is Ita’s formal name; it’s actually Mirtila del Carmen.


10 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Wishing Ita Happy Birthday

  1. for Phyllis: They DO know how to party. Do you remember the christening party after that God-awful hot church service? Marilyn was still with us. We all partied well into the night — I still have the pics. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. for Katie: You’re right, and they really go to great lengths to carry out the theme. That was a fun party too.

  3. Yes I do remember! That was my first year in Panama and my first time with Panamanian – Minga’s family celebrations. Hector cooked a huge pot of black beans over a fire, the uninvited neighbors dropped by and the dogs were everywhere. Great time!

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