Panama 2017: Gloria Takes over the Kitchen

I rented a new place this year — penthouse condo in a building at the far end of the complex — which has plusses and minuses. Nice roof terrace, a bit of a walk to the pool and beach instead of rolling out the back door of the villa and into the water. Pics of the place tomorrow. Gloria would like it officially known that she hates the kitchen — because she can’t get any of the appliances to work and the guy who can show her isn’t here until 2pm. Point taken.  In this pic Gloria is saying, “Really? You expect me to cook in this kitchen?”

Gloria’s family is well, although she herself is having some health problems. She suffers from IBS and shrugs her shoulders at the doctor’s insistence that she change her diet to include whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The meds she is taking relieve her symptoms enough so that she can tolerate her condition while still eating white rice and beans and not exercising a drop. Now she is being tested for the cause of severe muscle aches and pains. She seems too young for arthritis — she’s only 45.

Her husband Luis is well and still working maintenance at the small airport that opened just outside the village. Eldest son Raoul is working security at the Decameron Hotel. He and Cianni have separated, but still have a cordial relationship for their small daughter, Mylenus. Raoul is back living at home. Gabriel is still part of the Presidential security detail, and right now is assigned to Colon — the most dangerous city in Panama. He comes home on weekends. He and Fani are building a house right next to Gloria and Luis, where they will live with Gabrielito and their new baby daughter. Young Luis is also working security at the Decameron, and he and 17 year old girlfriend live in his room at Gloria’s. The young lady moved in at 14, and has been there for 3 years. Gloria got her on birth control, so no baby yet Gracias a Dios.

Gloria sends regards to all of you who know her, and thanks to Randi and Bill, who sent gifts for the new baby and for Gabrielito. More to come on Gloria and family, I’m sure. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Gloria Takes over the Kitchen

  1. Hiola mi Amiga Gloria.

    Sorry the kitchen isn’t working. The Kitchen is a central part of the Panamanian experience with Tia Pamela. Last year the villa was magnificent and the kitchen was wonderful.. Gloria you’re a wonderful cook so I’m sure you’ll make it happen despite the kitchen. Glad the family is well. You look great.

    For IBS it’s helpful to take probiotics. They sell them is capsules which you usually have to keep refrigerated. I don’t know if they have them available there, but there over the counter in the US so I’m sure they’re over the counter and Panama. Katie

  2. for Katie: Gloria is really trying to change her diet to include more fruits and vegetables, salad, less rice and beans — her doctor wants her to lose weight as well as manage the IBS better. She’s making a great effort, and I’m proud of her. Will pass along the tip about probiotics.

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