Panama 2017: Travel Day

On Thursday I have an early morning flight out of Seattle to Houston, where I will spend the night and reconnect with a second cousin whom I haven’t seen since college. Another second cousin, Bob, who has been in Seattle for the past five years working on an acquisition by L’Oreal, has stayed in close touch with Pat and urged me to link up with her via email. That led to an invitation to have dinner at her home; a gaggle of grandchildren will be there as well. Her husband is cooking. I’m so looking forward to the evening.

On Friday I have a flight to Panama, arriving in early afternoon. Friend Sally is arriving about ten minutes earlier, and Emily and Mary will be in Friday night around 8pm.  The owner of the new rental, a Panamanian doctor who lives and practices in the U.S., is sending his brother-in-law to the hotel where we’ll stay overnight to bring us the keys to the unit. Knowing Panama, the odds of this hand-off going smoothly are very low. We’ll just go with the flow, and one way or another by early afternoon Saturday — after having breakfast with Minga’s city family — we’ll be at the condo. Grocery shopping will follow, and then I’m hoping Gloria will be able to cook us dinner. “Hoping” means the power is on at the condo complex and at the grocery store, we’ve had no major delays that would get us to the condo too late to shop, and we can figure out how to fire up the stove.

I’ve been reading far too much U.S. political news and it’s driving me crazy — hoping for these two weeks to be a re-set of sorts. Looking forward to lots of sun, lots of Minga and family, lots of Gloria’s wonderful cooking and fussing over me, lots of swimming and just lazing about. Emily has a wonderful gift for 12 year old Naty, who fell in love with Emily on her last visit. Emily is going to take her shopping — a fun girl thing that Naty has probably never done. Emily is putting in $20 and I’m matching that; with $40, Naty will be able to pick out a whole outfit, including shoes, and maybe a couple of extra tops. Clothing in Panama is very cheap — at least in rural areas.

Part of what I and my visiting guests do for Minga’s family is give them new experiences, and this certainly counts as that.

As always, don’t worry if I have trouble with internet in Panama and don’t post according to regular schedule. I’ll get online when I can, and chronicle Panama 2017. Inviting you to enjoy the experience too.

Naty and Emily

Naty and Emily


2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Travel Day

  1. Have a wonderful trip. Send my love to Minga, Gloria and the entire family. Enjoy the beautiful Pacific and warm culture. 🏖 Can’t wait to see photos! ⛱

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