Tia Phyllis, I hope you are proud of me. After Sara fixed my placement mistake around the outside border of the cupcake puzzle, we went to breakfast. I dare say if she’d stayed working for half an hour she could have finished the whole thing. But that’s Sara, who has superior visual spatial skills.

I came back to the puzzle throughout the day — I get too frustrated to stay at it for hours — and by my 6pm dinner date I was done. Proudly. 🙂

I work on puzzles, even though I’m not very good at them, because I’m trying to keep my spatial skills from getting worse as I age. My joints may be more dodgy, but I don’t want my spatial skills to be. I prefer to do something real like a puzzle rather than engage in those brain-training games, which I find a colossal bore. I actually did enjoy this puzzle, all 200 pieces, especially once I got a good part done and seeing the placement of new pieces got a little easier.

A serious puzzler probably wouldn’t even bother with this one, but it was just right for me — thanks to Phyllis and Sara for their support and for getting me launched.


4 thoughts on “TaDa!!!

  1. Congratulations – you did it! I’m proud of you for sticking it out and challenging your skills. And you got three cupcakes as a treat!

    On yesterday’s photo I saw you had some of the colors separated – that’s a good way to start after you do the edge pieces. (and small edge pieces can be tricky – they look like a correct fit but they may not be) This puzzle had tiny, all in & out pieces. Try a 300 or 500 piece puzzle with more irregular shaped pieces, and one that is aprox. 18″x 24.” I also come and go with puzzles – when the mood strikes, when you have time, for as long a stretch as it feels fun. We retired – no need to finish it in a day!

  2. for Phyllis: Thanks! I’ve actually had quite a bit of success with 200 and 300 piece Ravensbruck puzzles that I’ve gotten for Archie — the pieces are larger, and tend to fit together in only one way. In the cupcake puzzle, I had rim pieces connected that looked right to me, but Sara showed me that the color from one to the next was slightly off — that’s how she could tell they weren’t right even though they looked right. The clustering of pieces is something she showed me how to do — and it’s a good strategy. You’re right that I don’t need to put pressure on to finish — it’s my competitive nature coming to the fore. I really think puzzling is a good activity for me, so plan to keep on. 🙂

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